The Emergence of “International Environmental Law”: as a new branch of International Public Law.”

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Scientific Member & President of the Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE), Toronto, Canada



This paper tries to address two pivotal issues that endeavoured to provide some knowledge about the sources and principles of international environmental law. The issue of the environment in the contemporary world is amongst the urgent issues that need immediate action. For doing so, the action of one or two countries is not enough rather since the environment is a transboundary issue, in this context, all countries have to collaborate. The solution may be two: work together with having an international instrument or by giving at least a similar concern for environmental issues in the country's domestic environmental law. As we all are living together on the planet, the best way is, yet, working together with having international environmental instruments. In fact, the main purpose of this paper is to present the challenges and opportunities for the development of international environmental law.


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