Document Type : Review


1 Lecture, Tehran, Iran

2 M.A, Dep. International Law, Damavand Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Today, different groups of activists have failed to improve the climate regime. Climate change and global warming are regarded as two factors, which play a significant role in threatening human security since food shortages, water scarcity, environmental degradation, poverty, disease outbreaks, and mass migration can separately lead to national security, which will undermine and contribute to the failed government scenario. In the domestic and global arena, the security of the modern government becomes meaningful with respect to superior power, and the society is considered insecure even if it faces with a lack of threats. In the modern national security discourse, we see an increase in security software, in addition to its hardware. The present study aimed to provide an analysis of the environmental impacts of climate change on national security in the context of international environmental law through a cross-disciplinary approach to international law and geopolitics.


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