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President of the Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE), Toronto, Canada.


This article aims to describe and analyze the challenges and opportunities for the development of international law. It attempts to provide some knowledge regarding global issues that requires an immediate collective response from the international community. Creating a better world for present and future generations require measures and anticipation of future crises (environmental challenges, global warming, human rights, health issues, discriminations, demographic growth, etc.). Significant transformations are taking place in the world, and that they will require a new approach to global governance. COVID-19 pandemic had and will have profound and lasting economic, political and social consequences in every corner of the globe. However, international law as a body of law that governs relations between states, international organizations and private persons exposes its vulnerabilities. Recent developments in the international community have made awareness of international law necessary and inevitable as the fully effective law of a fully functioning global society.