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Member of the Paris & New York Bars, Founder Derains & Gharavi, Lecturer University of Paris II, France


When Britain announced in 1968 its withdrawal from the Persian Gulf, Iran reiterated its historical claim to sovereignty over the territory of Bahrain. This article contains the first ever analyses of thousand pages of declassified secret UK archives from 1968-71 and how the UK, the Shah of Iran and the local Sunni governance of Bahrain agreed on a staged procedure and outcome, under the auspices of the UN Secretary General: This was for the Shah of Iran to save face and to persuade via this undue scheme the Parliament of Iran and the UN Security Council to give its consent to the renunciation of Iran’s claims and to Bahrain’s independence under the Sunni as opposed to Shia governance. The matter may lead to Iranian claims before UN and ICJ, as the Maurius has successfully done during last year over the Chagos Archipelago, or during ongoing negotiations with Gulf powers.


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