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National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India


Water is precious and is the lifeline of all the living entities in this universe. Earth, Sky, Air, Fire and water are the five essential spears or elements (pancha bootha) considered sacred on the earth and as well in this universe. More importantly, water occupying two-thirds of the earth's space has been a vital aspect of life on the planet. The water makes life on the earth possible, and is why cores of living entities live on the earth.  India is a spiritual country with a diversified culture where water is considered holy and believed to have the power to liberate the soul. Water is worshipped as a god, and we admire water as a mother Ganga flowing from the hair of Lord Shiva, who happens to be the cleanser of the universe. In contrast, Lord Brahma happens to be the creator, and Lord Vishnu is the ruler who governs the entire universe and all the spears of life.


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