Document Type : Review


1 Sapienza University of Rome, politica Science Department

2 Politecnico, Milan, Italy


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a kind of intelligence that was born in the 1950s and is an integral part of the digital revolution. Progress made by AI has permitted the birth of systems capable of rivalling human capacities or, in some cases, surpassing them. The progress of the intellectual capacities of AI will change the way of life for human beings and will revolutionise the world of employment. Intelligent systems present problems regarding individual rights and responsibilities, because as technology replaces more and more of what humans have typically done, our individual roles will become more blurred.
The goal of this analysis is to measure the developments of AI in relation to its impact on society, in particular on human rights, fundamental liberties, and ethics. This is an unexplored topic within the vast field of AI upon which this paper will expound.


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