The journal aims to publish briefing materials in international law issues especially regarding to the latest developments in new approaches of practice and implementation of International law around the globe. CIFILE Journal promotes to ensure that States, International Organizations, NGOs, Policy makers, National Focal Points and civil societies have access to the latest international legal information. The aim of this journal is to offer a platform for the researchers throughout the world to swiftly publish, share and discuss state-of-the-art findings, topics and developments in the various areas of international laws. It also seeks to promote a dialogue between academics, legal professionals and students to promote international law. Another purpose to fulfil is to raise public awareness and make it all-pervasive.


CIFILE Journal of International Law is an international semiannual academic journal related to the Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE).  CIFILE is in publication since 2019, as a leading international, open access, peer reviewed, scholarly aiming to promote of an International Law and a multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of international law including in business, environment, maritime, spatial, politics, humanitarian and human rights law. Articles may be theoretical, interpretative or experimental in nature. The CIFILE operates a double-blind peer review policy. All scholars and researchers in international law disciplines care welcome to participate in contribution of this journal. Articles would be accepted both in English and French.