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University of Johannesburg, South Africa


Deforestation and forest degradation have many disastrous effects which threatened human life and other species. The main effects of deforestation and forest degradation are desertification, biodiversity loss and climate change. However, the Bonn Challenge if fully realized can reduce some of these effects by reforestation and afforestation. Forest governance will need to be strengthened by recognizing human rights and building synergies. Since there is no international instrument for forest protection, forest governance will play a huge part in reducing deforestation and forest degradation. Human pressures on earth are causing an increase in species extinction, estimated to be more than before the industrial revolution. There are various consequences to deforestation and forest degradation, including that of life change globally. The most overt impact of deforestation is desertification, climate change and biodiversity loss. It must be noted that when these impacts of deforestation take effect, life on earth will eventually change.


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