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1 Faculty member Department of Environmental Law, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Science and Research, Iran, Tehran

2 Master student in Environmental Law, University of Science and Research, Tehran, Iran

3 Master student of International Law, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


The adverse effects of the Covid-19 on the environment became a potential source of threats to the natural environment and human life. While a short range of temporal improvements can be seen during lockdown measures, but the virus is spreading out quickly among human societies and wildlife this situation international environmental law plays a vital role to adjust the legal interaction between the Covid-19 pandemic and state obligations. Regarding international law instruments, all countries are liable to the transmission of the virus and they should have taken precautionary measures. however, they do not meet the same obligations in this case. According to the common but differentiated principle (CBDR) although each state has the responsibility to participate on the protection of the environment from the global crisis, developed states due to their financial resources and technological facilities deal with a wider range of responsibilities.


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