Environmental Law
Water Law and Governance in India: Time Vedic to Contemporary

Sreenivasulu Neeruganti Shanmuka

Volume 4, Issue 7 , March 2023, Pages 1-14


  Water is precious and is the lifeline of all the living entities in this universe. Earth, Sky, Air, Fire and water are the five essential spears or elements (pancha bootha) considered sacred on the earth and as well in this universe. More importantly, water occupying two-thirds of the earth's space has ...  Read More

Human Rights
Universality and Relativism in Islam and Human Rights: Analytical Critique of Religious Intellectuals

Taha Mousavi Mirkalaei; Savalan Mohammadzadeh

Volume 4, Issue 7 , March 2023, Pages 15-27


  The present article includes a comparative study of the Islamic and Western approaches to human rights, and the general orientation of this review concentrates on the Universality and Relativism of human rights. The Western approach claims the universality of these rights and believes they are ultra-spot ...  Read More

Trade and Development Law
La Perspective Africaine de la Réforme du Régime de l’investissement International

Sanae Bouyayachen

Volume 4, Issue 7 , March 2023, Pages 28-43


  Le droit international des investissements fait face à de nouveaux défis à l’échelle internationale et plus particulièrement en Afrique. L’analyse de cette branche du Droit est désormais à la croisée de différentes autres disciplines. ...  Read More

Criminal Law
Assessing the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court Statute in the Criminalization of Terrorism

Peyman Namamian

Volume 4, Issue 7 , March 2023, Pages 44-61


  International Criminal Court (ICC) has no jurisdiction over the crimes of terrorism. Initially, combating terrorism served as the motivation toward creating an ICC. In 1937, under the auspices of the League of Nations, an international convention against terrorism and an annexed statute of ICC were drafted. ...  Read More

Criminal Law
Impunity: An Impetus For Repeated Atrocities Nigerian Army As A Case Study

Izuchukwu Temilade Nwagbara

Volume 4, Issue 7 , March 2023, Pages 62-79


  Since Nigeria’s transition back to democracy in 1999, the atrocities of the erstwhile military regimes have been left practically unaddressed. Though the Human Rights Violations Investigation Commission (‘HRVIC’ or ‘Oputa panel’) was set up in 1999 to investigate human rights ...  Read More

Environmental Law
Principles of International Environmental Law

Abbas Poorhashemi

Volume 4, Issue 7 , March 2023, Pages 80-106


  Principles of international environmental law play a fundamental role in developing and consolidating international protection of environment. Understanding current and growing principles of international environmental law can guide the interpretation of legal norms and regulations. Moreover, these principles ...  Read More